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It is a question that I learned never to ask. I first learned this lesson in my training as a psychotherapist, long ago. I was seeing a gentleman for a number of problems, including his marital … more
Howard Gardner, professor of education and psychology at Harvard University, is one of the great minds of our time. He is best known for his theory of “multiple intelligences,” the … more
In the first verse of our third Haftarah of Consolation this Shabbat (Isaiah 54:11-55:5), Israel still sees itself storm-tossed in exile. Jerusalem has not been comforted. Israel had not taken … more
Do we really appreciate all the gifts we have, and how blessed we are even with all the challenges life gives us? … more
This Shabbos we read Isaiah 49:14-51:3, second of the seven Haftarot of Consolation read in the weeks after Tisha b’Av. In last week’s haftarah, Isaiah’s words of consolation … more
Our parasha, Eikev, contains a phrase, familiar to many, that is found in the first blessing of the Shemoneh Esrei: “He is the great (hagadol), mighty (hagibor) and awesome … more
As a parent, grandparent, and psychologist, I am often considered to be something of an expert on parenting and child-rearing. In that capacity, I have frequently been asked to opine on books … more
Our parsha, Eikev, begins with these words: “If only you would listen to these laws…” (Deut. 7:12). They contain a verb that is a fundamental motif of the book of Devarim. The … more
This week’s haftarah is the single most longed-for haftarah of the entire year. Until now, the Three Weeks and Tisha b’Av have forced us to focus upon the trials and tribulations of … more
Buried inconspicuously in this week’s parsha, Vaetchanan, is a short sentence with explosive potential, causing us to think again about both the nature of Jewish history and the Jewish task … more
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