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The deadly bombings at two Jerusalem bus stops last Wednesday morning were the first bombing attacks Israelis have suffered in their capital in recent years. They shouldn’t have surprised … more
One of the reasons that descriptions of college and university campuses as universally antisemitic or hostile to Israel are so inaccurate is that they ignore the overwhelming majority of both … more
Ever since I can remember, I have been confused by antisemitism. I get it, they hate us. But why? Well, Jewish scripture says “Esav sonei l’Yaakov” (Esau will always hate Jacob). … more
I hope the Jew haters who bully a young Steven Spielberg in his new movie “The Fabelmans” get a chance to see the film. In fact, I hope Kanye “Ye” West, Kyrie Irving, … more
If pro-Israel Republicans think former President Donald Trump will apologize or make amends in any way for choosing to have a public dinner at his Mar-a-Lago resort home with two … more
Before they went out of style, mother-in-law jokes were very popular. Have you ever heard of a father-in-law joke? I suppose if anyone were to author such a joke, it would be our forefather … more
Parashat Vayetze informs us that Rachel, like Sarah and Rivka before her, was barren. Finally, after many long years, the Torah states, “vayizkor Elokim et Rachel (and G-d remembered Rachel), … more
How do you define “maturity”? The dictionary definition asserts that it is a state of being full-grown, ripe, or fully developed. But I think that the common man gives a subjective … more
Why Jacob? That is the question we find ourselves asking repeatedly as we read the narratives of Genesis. Jacob is not what Noah was: righteous, perfect in his generations, one who walked with … more
Young Israel of Woodmere partnered with UJA to host a Families helping Families event on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Sixty-five families packed food packages. The goal was for young children … more
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