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Qatar’s foreign minister last week declared that his country will not normalize relations with Israel. And yet, not long ago … more
From pastoral bike paths, cultural institutions and classic Bauhaus architecture to chic cafés, top-notch restaurants and charming kiosks — Rothschild Boulevard offers the perfect Tel … more
The “Binding of Isaac” is a defining chapter in the story of the Jewish people, inspiring much of our liturgy. In some respects it represents what it means to sacrifice for … more
I clearly remember the first time we took our daughter apple picking because it was my first time also. (I must have missed those school trips.) She was about 2-1/2 … more
The Akedah represents the ultimate trial that any parent could possibly bear. It must have been exceedingly difficult for Avraham Avinu, who was the personification of gemilut chasadim. With his … more
Could a politician who positively identifies as Jewish and expresses pro-Israel sympathies ever be elected as head of state in a European country? The question is still a hypothetical one. In … more
There was a coffee shop in the town in which I once lived. It was part of a national chain, so that all kinds of people gathered there for their morning coffee and doughnuts. This particular shop … more
The Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation commemorated the yarzheit of Rochel Imeinu on Sunday, 11 Cheshvan. The 27th Annual Yarzheit Dinner took place in two locations … more
Hundreds of people undressed and painted themselves white for a nude photo shoot last week to bring attention to the Dead Sea (Salt Sea in Hebrew), the deepest hypersaline lake in the world, 27 times … more
Last week’s diplomatic calendar highlighted the difference between this year’s foreign policies and last year’s. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair … more
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