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Every time 17-year-old Adrian Maydanich passed grocery-store shelves overflowing with kosher-for-Passover food in his Baltimore community, he stopped in his tracks. He could not stop thinking of … more
A woman pushed her shopping cart down an aisle filled with Passover foods in a supermarket in northern New Jersey. She lifted a box of kosher-for-Passover soup mandle off the shelf and started to … more
Pesach commemorates events that clearly defined our people’s history and purpose. So, when I happened upon a commentary on a Haggadah whose author’s name brings to mind events in my past, … more
State Attorney General Letitia James is alerting New Yorkers to be cautious of discriminatory pricing practices at car washes in advance of Passover. In previous years, car wash businesses in … more
Wherefore is this Haggadah diff’rent from all oth’r Haggadahs? Martin Bodek, author of the “Emoji Haggadah,” “Festivus Haggadah” and “Coronavirus … more
In English references, names of our Jewish holidays are almost always listed and used in the Hebrew terms, even those that have English equivalents. That is all holidays, except one, Pesach, which … more
Twenty-seven Middle School students of Great Neck’s North Shore Hebrew Academy (NSHA) — both Ashkenazic and Sephardic — joined on Purim day to chant the “Gantze … more