Media Bias
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The media defies satire. “Palestinians in Rafah Describe ‘Night Full of Horror’ During Israeli Hostage Rescue” —NY Times “Dozens reported dead in Rafah … more
The Associated Press recently made headlines by falsely claiming that the Israeli campaign against Hamas “sits among the deadliest and most destructive in recent history” and was even … more
Marc Tracy’s New York Times article on Jan. 14 refers to “left-wing” Jews and a “left-wing” Jewish publication, and a “far-right” Israeli government and its … more
D espite what’s been happening, the New York Times is most concerned about the alleged suppression of pro-Palestinian speech on American campuses. •Riotous marchers on college … more
B less President Biden: For two months he’s been steadfast and vocal in his support of Israel’s right — and need — to destroy the Hamas terrorist group. Yet all around him … more
As if we needed more proof, the Israel-Hamas war has given mainstream media countless opportunities to amplify the manifestly false narrative that Israel is an oppressor, attacking Hamas and the … more
Anyone who knew how Palestinian journalism works probably could have predicted that it would happen. And, yet, like all of the other horrifying details about the Oct. 7 murderous attacks on Israel, … more
One hopes that the offspring of travail is wisdom. If we must endure horrible things that try our faith and the limits of our emotional and physical stamina, at least, we hope, we emerge having … more
Earlier this summer we saw multiple media outlets using various methods to attempt to separate Jews from their holiest site, the Temple Mount. Now National Geographic continues this … more
Depending on where one sees the three-hour film “Oppenheimer,” which dramatizes the life of Jewish physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, the “father of the atomic bomb,” it might … more
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