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Something happens almost every day that tells us that Israel’s enemies are preparing for war. On the other hand, Israel’s responses to these events indicate that Israel is not … more
When Prime Minister Naftali Bennett asked to meet with King Abdullah of Jordan in July, Abdullah agreed but insisted the meeting be kept secret. When Bennett’s office leaked the meeting to … more
On Wednesday, Boston University held its annual Elie Wiesel Memorial Lecture. Boston University was the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Holocaust survivor’s academic home. Wiesel won the … more
A report last week about the discussions Israel and the United States are now holding regarding the Iranian nuclear program was nothing short of an earthquake. On Tuesday, Israel … more
Last week’s diplomatic calendar highlighted the difference between this year’s foreign policies and last year’s. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair … more
The four farmers of Arugot Farm, located on the eastern side of the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, were tense last Monday morning. They had just gotten word that the next day, 100 soldiers were set … more
Even before last week’s suicide bombings outside the Kabul airport, the US media was acting with rare unanimity. For the first time in memory, US media organs across the ideological and … more
The Taliban’s seizure of control over Afghanistan was looming large over Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s visit with President Joe Biden this Thursday, and its implications … more
On July 11, the American Jewish establishment tried to prove that it could fight anti-Semitism and be progressive at the same time. It failed. Outside of Congress that day, dozens of American … more
America is changing before our eyes. But the Israeli Finance Ministry apparently hasn’t paid it any mind. Last week, the head of procurement at the Finance Ministry’s Accountant … more
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