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To those who followed the saga of Ben & Jerry’s two-month-long social-media silence, the outcome was never going to be sweet. In the wake of the fighting between Israel and … more
From time to time, a carton of Ben & Jerry’s lurks in our house. Mostly, one of the teenagers bought it secretly in an hour of need and tucked it away deep in the freezer, somewhere beyond … more
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has announced that the Church of England plans to offer its “repentance” over anti-Semitic church laws that were passed in the 13th … more
A new poll claims that 22 percent of American Jews believe “Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians.” That would be alarming—if they actually know what … more
The fallout over Ben & Jerry’s decision to no longer sell its products in what the company calls “occupied Palestinian territory” ignited a firestorm throughout the Jewish world … more
For months, Jews have been talking about the upsurge in anti-Semitism; polls have indicated American Jews are experiencing unprecedented levels of anti-Semitism and fear its spread. It was … more
Why is there no peace between Israel and the Palestinians? Last week, the US State Department criticized Israel for destroying a terrorist’s home—an action the State Department … more
Whose job is it to define who I am? Is it an institution’s job or is it mine? In all the brouhaha over critical race theory, this question is rarely asked. … more
The first thing to be said about the “No Fear” rally against anti-Semitism held in front of the US Capitol in Washington on Sunday was that it was a noble effort. The … more
Why is the blood and the pain of Palestinian children redder than the blood and pain of Israeli children? Why are there no human-interest stories about Israeli suffering? He was only 5 years old. … more
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