Tehilla Goldberg
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It’s a study in contradictions: The extremist progressive youth of the American university and the extremist progressive youth of the Iranian university. Living in that university milieu … more
When I was growing up in Jerusalem, Israel was practically a third world country. Since then, it’s leap-frogged into today’s “Startup Nation.” One of the ways in which … more
The recent and rapid escalation of anti-Semitic attacks in the New York area is horrifying, almost reaching epidemic levels. Since most of the perpetrators do not fit the profile of white … more
When I think of the different Chanukah menorahs I’ve lit over the years, it feels like they represent the places I was at in my life, be they geographic or emotional. Some people light just … more
By now it’s an iconic picture. The one from Kiel, Germany, 1931. Yad Vashem has circulated it for a while; nonetheless, every Chanukah it still touches me. It was an erev Shabbat, the … more
Danny Danon, Israeli’s ambassador to the UN, wants to introduce a General Assembly resolution on behalf of 850,000 forgotten Jews who were forced to flee such Muslim-ruled countries as … more
Browsing Facebook this week I came across a GoFundMe post by someone I know, an observant Jewish man. It was for someone he personally knows, a single mother of six. She is struggling and lives … more
The crazy thing is, I have a Friend on Facebook whose Friend is a murderer. When you go to my Facebook Friend’s page, the top message is to the other Friend: “Please tell me you … more
"May you be inscribed in the book of life” is the blessing we wish one another as we stand at the cusp of each new year. My hands shake as I write those words that have left my lips … more
The jokes addressing the as-of-now stalemate result in Israeli elections are starting to roll in. As an example, someone posted, “I’m going to sleep. Wake me up when we have a … more
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