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A year ago, Jewish Agency chairman Isaac Herzog tried to revamp his organization. The coronavirus pandemic upended everything and made aliyah — which has not been as high a priority for the … more
Ebrahim Dahood Nonoo, leader of Bahrain’s tiny Jewish community, was among the Gulf country’s approximately 50 Jews who thought peace with Israel would never arrive “in our … more
For Flori Dedoni, a member of the tiny Jewish community of Kosovo, the news that his country is establishing formal diplomatic ties with Israel is cause for celebration. … more
The Israeli left likes to claim its no-holds-barred fight against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters is an ideological struggle that pits the forces of democracy and old-time … more
Rabbi David Fohrman is an internationally renowned biblical scholar and the founder of Aleph Beta. In his latest book, “Genesis: A Parsha Companion” (Maggid/AlephBeta) he helps the … more
I invite you to imagine yourself as Adam or Eve. Put yourself in their shoes. Remember that, as the very first humans, they had a unique perspective on every aspect of a newly created world. … more
If leadership is the solution, what is the problem? On this, the Torah could not be more specific. The problem is a failure of responsibility. The early chapters of Genesis focus on two … more
The Torah begins with the famous words, “Bereishit bara Elokim ate hashamayim v’ate ha’aretz.” Translators and meforshim frequently disagree as to how to interpret the … more
Chava bears two children, Kayin (Cain) and Hevel, and each takes on a profession. Time passes, Kayin brings an offering to G-d, and Hevel follows suit. Then the Torah describes these … more
In May 2016, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) gifted the world an opportunity to abandon subjective decisions of what qualifies as anti-Semitism. The IHRA, 31 nations … more
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