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With the commemoration of the anniversary of the founding of the modern State of Israel this week, we are once again faced with the annual rants concerning whether to say Hallel with a blessing, … more
We call it yichus — the legacy of generations of the past. Rabbis, scholars, talmidei chachamim, community leaders who were ancestors to those we now look up to. All the above, Rabbi Shlomo … more
The new release, “Esther in America” is divided into seven sections containing 26 essays by scholars, rabbis, communal leaders, and writers who demonstrate how the Book of Esther has … more
Rabbi Francis Nataf’s “Redeeming Relevance In The Book of Exodus” is the second of a five volume series on the Chumash. Consisting of an introduction and seven in-depth essays … more
With the conclusion of the Torah reading cycle of Bereishis, this week’s essay will be devoted to a presentation of several contrasting styles of commentary. The first commentary is … more
ArtScroll’s “Blueprints: Torah Views of the World and Events Around Us,” by Rabbi Yaakov Feitman, posits that everything in the world can be understood through the Torah. The … more
This past Shabbat we read the Torah portion of Chayei Sarah, with the passing of our first matriarch, Sarah. We read of the ordeal that Abraham experienced in his effort to acquire a proper … more
This Shabbat Chayei Sarah marks the yahrtzeit of the holy martyrs of the Har Nof Massacre in Jerusalem, on the 25th day of Marcheshvon in 2014. This column is dedicated to one of those holy … more
Responding to a need of our generation, the “Concise Code of Jewish Law: A Guide to the Observance of Shabbat” is a modern and up-to-date work of halachah lema’aseh, presented … more
Our Torah learning tradition is based on the teaching of the Torah text with commentary. Without the commentary of our sages, the Torah text, standing alone, would not be understood. In … more
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