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In the twentieth century, Jewish Orthodoxy experienced a golden age of leaders and teachers who sought to bridge the world of Torah and that of the West. Some of these Torah figures were deeply … more
The Koren Sacks Rosh HaShana Mahzor provides a lucid translation of the text and an eloquent introduction and translation by Rabbi Johnathan Sacks, whose commentary for the first day of the … more
According to the teachings of our sages, teshuva is one of the most important mitzvot, yet many of us avoid it or feel uncomfortable with the process because we don’t understand it … more
An article about the sinking of the Titanic made the following perceptive observation: “The Titanic sank deep into the ocean, not to be located for some 80 years. More important, it sank … more
Rabbi Pinchas Chatzinoff served as the Rav of the distinguished Tifereth Zvi Minyan at Yeshiva Zichron Aryeh in Bayswater since 1994. “Imrei Fi” is a powerful collection of insights … more
It can happen to any of us. Everything starts off great. And then we find ourselves thinking about the phone call we need to make, the outfit we want to buy, the vort we’re attending … more
Isaiah is part of the Maggid Studies in Tanakh series. Many consider Isaiah to be the prophet of world peace, a utopian visionary who transcends the boundaries of political reality and inhabits … more
In “The Koren Tehillim,” Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb presents practical takes on each of the 150 psalms … more
Maggid Books has released “The Intellect And The Exodus, Authentic Emuna for a Complex Age,” by award-winning author Rabbi Jeremy Kagan. Rabbi Kagan presents keen and powerful … more
This week’s column is in tribute to one of our people’s greatest thinkers, Rabbi Dr. Eliezer Berkovits (1908-1992), who is widely ranked among the important Jewish philosophers of the … more
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