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There is an axiom in journalism that you never know when you’re going to do the one thing for which you will be remembered above all others. Few lives exemplify that lesson better than that of … more
We’re living in a time when American academic institutions claim to be dedicated to eradicating prejudice. That’s supposedly the point of the pledges to support the diversity, equity and … more
In the weeks before the observance of Rosh Hashana, religious Jews give a lot of lip service to the idea of repentance. It is a time of year that Jews use for a cheshbon nefesh, an “accounting … more
I f you like movies, you shouldn’t miss the chance to see Christopher Nolan’s brilliant new film “Oppenheimer.” Though oddly linked with the even more popular … more
In the days since the Knesset passed the first part of the judicial reform package put forward by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, the bitterness of the debate over this issue … more
Up until now, the legal battles being waged about tolerating dissent against support for gay marriage or gay pride events have been focused on conservative Christians. But a kosher baker in West … more
International reaction to the recent surge in Palestinian terrorism and last week’s Israeli operation in Jenin has been as predictable as it is depressing. Though the Biden … more
To the editor, I must take issue with Jonathan Tobin’s article on the vile graduation speech by Fatima Mousa Mohammed [“Defund campus radicalism and antisemitism,” June 9]. … more
Rev. Pat Robertson was the kind of person who inspired not only love and rage, but a great deal of intellectual confusion. One need only read the exchange between then Commentary magazine edito … more
It took the City University of New York nearly three weeks to do it, but the public university’s chancellor and board of trustees eventually got around to condemning an … more
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