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They’ll always have the United Nations. Even as the rest of the world abandons their cause, the Palestinians can still count on the world body to be their faithful ally in their century-old … more
It was about time. Almost exactly 35 years to the day after Jonathan Pollard and his former wife, Anne, were refused entry to the Israel embassy in Washington, the spy that the Jewish … more
There are some ideas that are so seemingly logical and reflective of our best hopes about human nature that it doesn’t matter how often they are proved wrong. One such notion is the belief … more
You didn’t have to agree with everything Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said or wrote to understand the value of what he was trying to teach. The former chief rabbi of Great Britain, who died of … more
The murderous shooting attack in Vienna is one more wake-up call … more
Many Americans are anticipating a return to normalcy following this week’s election. For some, that just means an end to the constant bombardment of election ads on television, the Internet … more
I’m not sure the world needed another movie about Cleopatra. And the career arc of Israeli actress Gal Gadot, who became an international superstar with her “Wonder Woman” films, … more
In the world of politics, celebrity and name recognition is priceless, so in that sense, Queens Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is among the richest members of Congress. In two years, the freshman went … more
It’s the sort of thing that infuriates those who have been complaining for three-and-a-half years that the Trump administration has no respect for the norms and traditions of international … more
In a bygone era of New York City politics, you could always tell if a politician was serious about running for mayor if he made public plans to travel to the three “I’s”: … more
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