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It took several days, but eventually, the world’s media grasped why the scandal at Frankfurt Airport last week, when more than 100 Orthodox Jews were prevented by the German airline … more
Did Russian President Vladimir Putin really apologize to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett for the atrocious remarks on the Holocaust uttered by his Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov? There … more
A recent letter delivered to UN Secretary-General António Guterres by 200 former senior UN officials included a bleak warning regarding the consequences should diplomacy fail to end … more
Back in October, I wrote about the strange case of Gil Ofarim, a popular German Jewish singer who leveled a charge of anti-Semitic discrimination against an employee of the Westin Hotel in … more
The International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe is the perfect example of an organization with an imposing name and an illustrious advisory board that you’ve still … more
Refusenik Natan Sharansky famously argued that legitimate criticism of Israel could be distinguished from anti-Semitic invective by the application of the “3Ds” test: … more
Jews and dictators normally don’t get along. History is replete with examples of strongmen who reviled the Jewish communities in their midst. Many of their names spring easily to mind, like … more
On a recent evening, I was traveling on the subway in a car that was empty except for me, a woman and her child, and two men. As I sat down, I realized that one of the men — a young guy … more
A great scholar of anti-Semitism once told me that there was one country that frustrated him when it came to its understanding of the extent and depth of Jew-hatred: Israel. While this … more
A perennial discussion in the cauldron that is Middle Eastern politics concerns the degree to which a sovereign Palestinian state, should one ever be created, would be democratic. The … more
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