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For the last few weeks the exchanges have been the same “Shanna Tova” or my favorite, “gut g’benched yur,” as my grandparents used to say. They were very good at … more
Way back in Medieval Germany, dumplings were a culinary innovation, only recently arrived from Asia. These were simple, doughy balls. They weren’t filled with meat, potatoes or cheese; they … more
Have you heard the one about how to tell the gefilte from all the other fish in the sea? Simple, it’s the one with the carrot on its head. Or what type of cigarettes do Jewish mothers … more
Although my column’s been on break lately, I jumped at the chance to write an article this week when my fave editor Ed Weintrob asked if I would for the Shavuot edition. Since I last wrote, my … more
Sorry for being MIA recently. Aside from having the flu and bronchitis, I had lots going on. My son, daughter-in-law, adorable 2-year-old granddaughter and their English cocker spaniel are moving … more
On Dec. 1, my husband Jerry, my brother Jerry, his wife Shirley and I embarked on a cruise to the Caribbean. While sitting on the deck, Jerry watched a number of guests dive bomb down the water … more
So much has happened since my last article. Two weeks ago, my beloved Braves were up 2–1 in the NLDS. Jerry’s Yankees were up 2–0 over the Twins. The sukkah frame was up too, … more
This is the eighth year that I’m writing a Sukkot column for The Jewish Star and, frankly, I’m not sure what I can say that I haven’t already said. I’ve spoken about … more
Jerry has wonderful memories of davening on yomim tovim with his father in Rabbi Landau’s shetible in Flatbush. His father loved the timeless melodic nusach of the davening, and he sang … more
Josh Weinstock, this one’s for you! Thanks for never missing an article of mine. I figure every now and then you deserve one that’s sports themed! Second Sunday in September, the … more
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