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The end of last week’s parasha, Balak, narrates the story in which many of the men of our people pursued the women of Moab and their god Baal Peor. Zimri ben Salu, prince of the tribe of … more
These days, we find ourselves living in a new and different world. It was just this past Purim that we sat together in shul, listening to the reading of Megilat Esther. We exchanged mishloach … more
The image of his smiling, victorious face, aglow with the sense of vindication that seemed to be one step away from “I told you so,” has become the paradigm of the image of impending … more
The coronavirus pandemic raised a series of deep moral and political issues. How far should governments go in seeking to prevent its spread? To what extent should they restrict people’s … more
The Torah has many poetic passages that engage our minds and cause our hearts to soar. Paradoxically, a number of these sections were uttered by none other than Bilam, the evil prophet from the … more
Frustration. Disillusionment. But also insight and a lifelong intellectual perspective. That is how I would describe the experience I am about to share with you. It started with Fyodor … more
Many questions have rightly been asked about the story of Balak and Bilam and the would-be curses that turned into blessings. Was Bilam a true man of G-d, or was he a fraud, a magician, a … more
Next week we commemorate the breaching of the Old City walls of Jerusalem by the Roman Tenth Legion on the 17th day of Tammuz in 70 CE, heralding the beginning of the end of the Jewish Second … more
Korach was swallowed up by the ground, but his spirit is still alive and well, and in the unlikeliest of places — British and American universities. Korach was the embodiment of what the … more
In Israel, even a bus ride can become an existential experience. On a long, crowded bus ride from Haifa to Jerusalem, a fellow in a long black coat and black hat was sitting towards the rear of … more
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