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Chanukah is a wonderful time of year to have company and trade recipes for latkes and more. While I loved making sufganiyot every year, I now prefer experimenting with latkes and veggies and more. … more
Thanksgiving is nothing without a pie for dessert and, more often than not, the pie of choice will either be an apple, pumpkin or pecan pie. Everyone has a favorite recipe for apple pies and many … more
For clarity, the terms “dressing” and “stuffing” are often used to mean the same thing: a food product that is cooked inside the turkey. Actually, dressing is stuffing … more
Challah is a Sabbath and holiday staple. It is so important to the Sabbath ritual, that if a family cannot afford both wine and challah, the challah is considered the more important. Perhaps this … more
•Always use fresh active yeast •Make sure the liquid you use is between 99 and 110 degrees. If the water is too cold, the yeast will be sluggish and will not fully rise. If it is too … more
This is a fun activity for kids. Help younger ones make their sodas. You can even make a party around this theme. Make some ice cream sodas and turn on a good movie for a fun … more
America loves ice cream. Worldwide, it is so popular that the industry sells over a BILLION gallons every year. (The number one country of ice cream lovers is New Zealand where people gobbled up … more
Sometime in childhood, I learned to expect brisket on almost every holiday except for Thanksgiving. Even if we went to the home of one of my six aunts, we had brisket, usually pretty much the … more
The other day, a friend asked me what I was making for dinner. The truth was that I had no plans for dinner at all. I was still sore and exhausted from non-stop gardening and had been so busy … more
Here in the northeast, early August is the height of tomato season. No matter how we plan our gardens, the heat of August always seems to ripen hundreds at the same time. While there is nothing … more
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