Ed Weintrob
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One of Israel’s staunches supporters in Congress — Ritchie Torres, the black, Latino and gay Progressive who represents areas of the Bronx — told a bring-the-hostages-home event in … more
While Hamas-lovers rallied outside the office of Rep. Ritchie Torres in the Bronx’s Fordham neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon, a larger pro-Israel crowd assembled in Riverdale’s Seton … more
Our marching orders for the holiday of Sukkot, which climaxed this weekend, are straightforward: eat in a sukkah, and be joyous. That was obviously a difficult command to follow this weekend. … more
The Riverdale Press, the community newspaper in the heavily-Jewish Riverdale area of the Bronx, continues to prominently feature anti-Israel columns by a writer whose overriding long-term theme … more
When the first Jewish patient died on Rabbi Melvyn Lerer’s watch as chaplain at the Central Islip State Hospital in 1976, he was devastated. There was no tahara (preparation of the body for … more
Here’s one reason that Long Island’s Orthodox commuters may be thankful despite experiencing the LIRR’s ongoing meltdown: It’s not December, and Shabbos starts after … more
In “It’s a strange time to be a Jew, but when isn’t it?” Herald guest columnist Alan Singer adds his voice to the mainstreaming of Jew-hatred and Israel-bashing in our communities. … more
Let’s all take a deep breath. Those of us who are not addicted to … more
My mother, Roslyn Weintrob, Rachel Leah bat Tzvi Hirsch, whose 21st yahrzeit we marked on Wednesday, was an eishet chayil who not only worked to build a strong family steeped in Jewish values, but was also determined to do more than her fair share of tikkun olam. more