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I am a worrier. My friends and family tease me about it. I sometimes worry about personal matters, and sometimes about professional concerns. More often, I worry about things that are going … more
I can still remember the feeling of the weight seeming to lift from my shoulders. It was the summer of 1986, and I had just returned my gear after four-and-a-half years in the Israeli army. … more
Beloved by his entire generation and revered for his incredible knowledge of Torah, he was given the chance to get out of 1939 Poland; safe passage to America had been secured and a new life was … more
It was one of the great moments of personal transformation, and it changed not only Moses but our very conception of leadership itself. By the end of the book of Bamidbar, Moses’ career … more
It is an experience common to all freshmen. One comes to a new campus, knows no one, and tries to orient himself by identifying the senior students who seem to have prestige. Then, he tries to … more
The parsha of Pinchas contains a masterclass on leadership, as Moses confronts his own mortality and asks G-d to appoint a successor. Great leaders care about succession. In parsha Chayei … more
Jewish people teach Jewish values to their children, and to all who wish to be informed about their faith. If one is asked “Should I or should I not?” we generally respond with clear … more
Both parashat Korach and this week’s parsha, Pinchas, contain an unusual name of the Almighty: “They [Moshe and Aharon] fell on their faces and said, ‘O G-d, the G-d of the … more
An interesting cast of characters have parshas named for them: Noach, Yisro, Korach, Balak, Pinchas (Chayei Sarah includes a name, which comes after her death). Each has his own story of … more
Is leadership a set of skills, the ability to summon and command power, or does it have an essentially moral dimension also; can a bad person be a good leader, or will their badness compromise … more
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