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Life for Jewish students on American campuses is as bad as you’ve heard — maybe worse — members of the collegiate universe told a Touro University Law School forum. Oren Gross, … more
Touro University has announced a “Safe Campus Scholarship” to encouraging students who want to transfer from their current schools due to the uptick in campus antisemitism. Founded … more
This week’s Torah reading, Vayigash, reflects the narrative of the reconciliation of Yosef and his brothers, and the reunion with his father, Yaakov. There is much to be said of this saga. One … more
For Jews on American campuses, things may actually be worse than they appear. That’s a conclusion that might be drawn from a discussion Monday night among four Ivy League students on Touro … more
A study led by a team at Touro University Nevada has identified a new pathway that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) uses to enter the nucleus of a healthy cell, where it can then replicate and go … more
When the first Jewish patient died on Rabbi Melvyn Lerer’s watch as chaplain at the Central Islip State Hospital in 1976, he was devastated. There was no tahara (preparation of the body for … more
Of all the wasted breaths these past few weeks devoted to Kyrie Irving’s tirade against the Jewish people, the one item that has not been mentioned, but that may be the most important … more
Anyone teaching the past by skipping over the unpleasant parts isn’t teaching history. … more
Shortly after emigrating to Israel in 1901, this Telz-educated orphaned son of a rosh yeshiva earned an unlikely nickname: “the crazy fly-catcher.” Israel Aharoni’s odyssey into … more
They stand with hands clasped, eyes raised heavenward in silent devotion. The leader appears to hold a small siddur, perhaps guiding her sisters in prayer as their husbands (recognized as Jews … more
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