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The Korach rebellion was not just the worst of the revolts from the wilderness years, it was also a direct assault on Moshe and Aaron. Korach and his fellow rebels in essence accused Moshe of … more
When I first joined my shul — the Sydenham Highlands North Congregation in Johannesburg — back in 1986, there was a creatively designed menorah all over the shul campus —a giant … more
The twelve men sent by Moses to explore the land of Israel came back with a wholly misleading report. They said: We cannot go up against those people, for they are stronger than us. … The … more
Imagine standing at a crossroads. We have all been there. We have all experienced moments in our life’s journey when we had to make a crucial choice and decide whether to proceed along one … more
Our parasha, Sh’lach, contains a pasuk with a puzzling phrase: “These are the names of the men Moshe sent to scout the Land, and Moshe called ( vayikra Moshe ) Hoshea the son of Nun, … more
The beginning of our parasha, Beha’alotcha, discusses the kohane’s daily mitzvah to light the Menorah. The Torah then describes the construction of the Menorah: “This was the form … more
It is a conversation I will remember forever. We were in the midst of basic tank training, enjoying a brief respite from the grueling pace of maneuvers and marches. The tanks were encamped opposite a … more
O ne of the disturbing episodes in Beha’alotcha, this week’s parsha, concerns the people who are complaining about the manna, bemoaning a lack of meat as they remember the fish, fruits … more
In this week’s parsha, Beha’alotcha, Moses has a breakdown. It is the lowest emotional ebb of his entire career as a leader. Listen to his words to G-d: Why have You treated Your … more
The festival of Shavuot is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Here is how Shavuot is described and defined in parshat Emor: “From the day after the Sabbath, the day you brought the sheaf of … more
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