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One of the more mysterious narratives in the Torah concerns what is likely the final trip back to Egypt after the burning bush (the midrash suggests Moshe went back and forth a number of times, … more
She is one of the most unexpected heroes of the Hebrew Bible. Without her, Moses might not have lived and the story of the Exodus would have been different. Yet she was not an Israelite. She had … more
Twenty-one-year-old Zvika Greengold had just been accepted into the prestigious Company Commanders course and given two weeks’ leave. He was home on his Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot near … more
The two old men couldn’t have been more different from each other. Yet they both taught me the identical life lesson. The first, a cagey old Irishman, was one of my mentors in the … more
For the past 40-odd years, two narratives have guided American Middle East policy. Both were invented by the Carter administration. One relates to Iran. One relates to Israel. Both narratives … more
When I was growing up in Jerusalem, Israel was practically a third world country. Since then, it’s leap-frogged into today’s “Startup Nation.” One of the ways in which … more
Rep. Ilhan Omar had a big first full week of January this year. On Tuesday, the freshman Democrat from Minneosta was elected’s anti-Semite of the year for 2019.  … more
No matter how many times the think-tank “experts” are proven wrong in their predictions regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, they keep promoting the same old myths. The Jerusalem … more
It is progress of sorts. This week, one of the leading magazines of the American left published an article that took the phenomenon of anti-Semitism seriously. I call it progress because for a … more
One day during a visit to Martha’s Vineyard many years ago, we took our kids to a pier and, while I was distracted for a nano-second, my then 14-month old took off at a run straight towards … more
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