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A couple of years ago after giving a speech, I was confronted with what struck me as a bizarre query during the question-and-answer period. Why, I was asked, hadn’t then-President … more
Paul is an Australian Jewish man in his late 40s who lives in the city of Brisbane, in the state of Queensland. Paul (the name he has been given by local media to protect his identity) was … more
I live in Shiloh, where I came with my family—that is, my wife and five children—in 1981. Decades have passed. Four grandchildren now live nearby at Ofra. Shiloh is now … more
What do you say to your successor? What advice do you give them? Vayelech is the place to look for the answer, because it is here that Moses finally handed the reins over to Joshua, and he and … more
It was a nasty time in a nasty place: Ramallah, 1988, at Mutzav Sivan, next to the Arab “refugee” camps of Al Bireh and Al Amari during the first intifada. After a week of intense … more
For the parsha with the fewest number of verses in the Torah, Vayelech is quite busy. (Nitzavim has 10 more verses, but it takes up less space in the Torah.) Between warnings of bad that may … more
This Shabbat Shuvah is named after the stirring words of Hoshea that are found in our haftarah: Return, O Israel (Shuvah Yisrael), to the L-rd your G-d, for you have stumbled in your iniquity. … more
The vicious doctrine of “intersectionality,” which links different categories of “victims” together and demonizes their purported “oppressors” such as white … more
When Haim Gabbai was 10 in wartime Morocco, his father was taken by force from the family home in Marrakesh and sent to a forced labor camp. A few months later, his father returned. He was ill, … more
The four farmers of Arugot Farm, located on the eastern side of the Gush Etzion settlement bloc, were tense last Monday morning. They had just gotten word that the next day, 100 soldiers were set … more
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