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The great writer Aaron Sorkin wrote: “Decisions are made by those who show up.” Sadly, if there’s anything the American Orthodox community has done over this past year, it has … more
When the former Conservative British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died in 2013, there were some on the left who regarded her passing as a moment for celebration. Social-media channels filled … more
Two days before President-elect Joe Biden delivers his inaugural address, we honor a man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose message should inform any leader interested in national unity. Dr. … more
The political pendulum has begun to swing, and rather rapidly at that. Whatever one’s personal feelings about President Donald Trump, his plan to isolate Iran … more
The European Union likes to pose as the avatar of tolerance, freedom and all civilized values. Now it has ripped off its own disguise to reveal something rather more ugly. Its highest judicial … more
As 2020 reached its end, so did two of the most important courtroom trials involving violent anti-Semitism to have occurred since the Second World War. In France, 14 suspects in the January … more
No Jews have been as relentlessly maligned as the Jews of Hebron. From the time of their arrival following the 1967 Six-Day War — 40 years after the murderous annihilation of its Jewish … more
They’ll always have the United Nations. Even as the rest of the world abandons their cause, the Palestinians can still count on the world body to be their faithful ally in their century-old … more
With four peace or normalization agreements signed between the State of Israel and Arab countries, there is unprecedented momentum in the Middle East toward a more peaceful future in one of the … more
The book of Bereishit ends on a sublime note of reconciliation between Jacob’s sons. Joseph’s brothers were afraid that he had not really forgiven them for selling him into slavery. They suspected … more
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