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Ya’akov Avinu is described in our parasha, Toldot, as “ish tam yosheiv ohelim” (“a complete individual who dwelt in tents.” Rashi helps us understand this phrase by … more
If you would have asked me what Abir would end up doing with his life, I would have imagined him as a bouncer. Abir, an ex-paratrooper, is one of the unsung heroes of the battle of the Chinese … more
In 1966, an eleven-year-old black boy moved with his parents and family to a white neighborhood in Washington. Sitting with his two brothers and two sisters on the front step of the house, he … more
G rief is the most powerful and painful of human emotions. Yet, it is an emotion which few human beings can avoid in their lifetime. We all face loss, and we all grieve.  In this … more
Our parasha, Chayei Sarah, begins with one of the greatest human tragedies, the death of one’s spouse. Avraham’s beloved wife, confidant and inspiration, was no more. In the midst … more
Take a careful look at Bereishit 24:67: “And Yitzchak brought Rivka to his mother’s tent. He took Rivka, she became his wife, and then he loved her, and then he was comforted over the … more
The “Binding of Isaac” is a defining chapter in the story of the Jewish people, inspiring much of our liturgy. In some respects it represents what it means to sacrifice for … more
The Akedah represents the ultimate trial that any parent could possibly bear. It must have been exceedingly difficult for Avraham Avinu, who was the personification of gemilut chasadim. With his … more
There was a coffee shop in the town in which I once lived. It was part of a national chain, so that all kinds of people gathered there for their morning coffee and doughnuts. This particular shop … more
One of the most famous episodes in the Torah is also one of the most morally problematic. “Take your son, your only son, the one you love — Isaac — and go to the land of … more
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