Rabbi David Etengoff
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Why is “vayikra,” the first word of our parasha and the namesake of Sefer Vayikra, written with a diminutive aleph as its final letter? In his commentary on the Torah entitled Ba’al … more
This Shabbat we read parshiot Tetzaveh and Zachor. According to the Shulchan Aruch, Orech Chaim, the public reading of Parashat Zachor enables us to fulfill two of the three Taryag (613) commandments … more
Parashat Terumah focuses on the various raw materials necessary to construct the Mishkan (portable sanctuary) and its holy kalim (vessels). Therein, we find a well-known pasuk that speaks to the … more
Na’aseh v’nishmah — we will do, and we will hear and understand — are two of the most celebrated words that appear in Parashat Mishpatim (24:7). In some ways, this phrase … more
Parashat Yisro is preeminently the parasha of the Asseret Hadibrot (the Ten Statements). The first of these dibrot begins with the famous words, “Anochi Hashem Elokecha (I am the L-rd your … more
The end of parasha Beshalach focuses on the epic battle between our nascent nation and the marauding desert tribe of Amalek: Amalek came and fought with Israel in Rephidim. So Moses said to … more
Our parasha contains the mitzvah of sippur yetziat Mitzrayim, the recounting of the story of the Departure from Egypt, that is fulfilled during the Pesach Seder. The 13th century author of the Sefer … more
One of the highlights of the Pesach seder is the presentation of the Ten Plagues. Precisely because they are so well-known, however, there is a danger that some among us may lose sight of their … more
When we focus on our sages’ presentation of Purim and Chanukah, we discover the former has an entire tractate of the Talmud Bavli that discusses its halachot, whereas Chanukah and its laws are … more
One of the many fascinating aphorisms in the holy Zohar is found in Parashat Naso, 134: “Everything depends upon mazal — even a Sefer Torah that is in the Aron Kodesh.” If we apply … more
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