Cowardice in the guise of ‘values’

From time to time, a carton of Ben & Jerry’s lurks in our house. Mostly, one of the teenagers bought it secretly in an hour of need and tucked it away deep in the freezer, somewhere beyond …

cold shoulder

Ben & Jerry’s distasteful BDS problem

To those who followed the saga of Ben & Jerry’s two-month-long social-media silence, the outcome was never going to be sweet. In the wake of the fighting between Israel and …


Palestine and peace: It’s all about demography

The demographic race between Jews and Arabs is at the heart of the national conflict in Israel. Of course, it’s also a conflict over borders, religion, culture, and language — but …


Gush Katif confab eyes Gaza loss, Israeli split

It was 16 years ago Monday— the 10th of Av on the Hebrew calendar—that more than 8,000 Jews were evicted from their homes in the Gaza Strip in what was officially known as the …

who's in the kitchen

Smoothie homecomings from summer camps

In my day, day camp meant walking to the YMHA on 14th Ave in Boro Park. From there we boarded a bus and traveled to Staten Island (it was “greener” there). We didn’t have …


Lone soldiers committed to Israel for long haul

A conference in Jerusalem’s Knesset on Thursday discussed the strategic contributions made by lone soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces and addressed some of lone soldier community’s …


Banning critical race theory would gut teaching Jewish history, Shoah included

Anyone teaching the past by skipping over the unpleasant parts isn’t teaching history. They are engaged in propaganda. Jewish tradition understands this. …

coming home

Nefesh B’Nefesh steps up its post-aliyah work

It’s been three years since Hanna and Shamshy Schlager traded their home in Kew Gardens Hills for a new one in Modi’in, Israel. It’s been a good three years, they’ll tell …


Want peace? Stop hate flow to Palestinian youth

Why is there no peace between Israel and the Palestinians? Last week, the US State Department criticized Israel for destroying a terrorist’s home—an action the State Department …


Israeli baseball team scores in Brooklyn enroute to Tokyo

Before embarking on a series of exhibition games in advance of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Team Israel faced off on Sunday afternoon against the FDNY at Maimonides Park in Coney Island. In …


160 new French olim celebrate arrival in Israel

One-hundred-sixty new French immigrants to Israel arrived at Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday aboard a special aliyah flight from Paris organized by the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Ministry …

Cutting food waste with dynamic market pricing

With food waste ranked as the world’s third-largest contributor to greenhouse gases (No. 1 is refrigeration, No. 2 is fossil fuels), Israeli tech entrepreneur Oded Omer developed a product …


Destruction of the Temples told in 49 cisterns

Like a well-kept secret, the cisterns of the Temple Mount are concealed, barred and padlocked by the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf. In ancient times, the cisterns refreshed pilgrims arriving at the …


We’re individuals. CRT doesn’t define us.

Whose job is it to define who I am? Is it an institution’s job or is it mine? In all the brouhaha over critical race theory, this question is rarely asked. …

health mind and body

‘Swabbing for Shlomo’ at HAFTR marrow drive

By simply taking four swabs of cells from the inside of your mouth, it’s possible to save someone else’s life, because for every 400 swabs there’s a bone marrow …


Great new tourist experiences ready in Israel

First it was July 1, then it was August, but we still don’t know for sure when individual tourists will finally be allowed back into Israel as Delta and other emerging variants continue their …


Israel gears up for Tokyo

Israel brought home two bronze medals — both in judo — from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The Paralympic team earned three bronze medals — in rowing, shooting and …

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