CUNY finally pulls an anti-Semite off probe of Kingsboro Jew hatred

The City University of New York has reversed course, removing a former employee of a vehemently anti-Israel NGO from the lead position on a panel assigned to investigate anti-Jewish bias. The …

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‘Substantial equivalent’ rule hit by Nassau GOP

In the wake of an order by the New York State Board of Regents that private schools — including yeshivas — demonstrate that their secular studies curricula are substantially equivalent to …

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Haley hits relentless pursuit of nuclear deal

Former US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley sharply criticized the Biden administration for its failure to confront the Iranian regime. Speaking to media at the sixth annual conference of United …


Top 18 things to do in Jerusalem — for free

The best things in life are free, right? Well, that certainly holds true when it comes to Jerusalem. One of the holiest and most magnificent cities in the world, it is also packed with amazing sights …


Honey cake’s trail: Historic and very sweet

Honey cake evokes a predictable set of associations: Brick-like brown loaves emerging from the oven to sit untouched on the Rosh Hashana table, the epitome — and the punishment — of …

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Greenblatt in 5 Towns: It’s a new Middle East

Jason Greenblatt, addressing an enthusiastic audience at the Young Israel of North Woodmere on Sept. 7, said he is an optimist, a realist and a pessimist about what the future portends …


Rivals for Rice seat pledge support for Israel

Candidates running to succeed retiring Rep. Kathleen Rice in the 4th CD — representing Nassau County’s South Shore in Congress — each pledged to support Israel and oppose BDS, …


State to haredi schools: Teach secular subjects—and prove it

The state Board of Regents unanimously approved regulations on Tuesday that require private schools to prove they are teaching the same core subjects, in English, that public schools cover. On …


A Taste of Druze culture in Daliat el-Carmel

The aroma of cardamom coffee wafts out of a spice shop. Teenage girls are walking home from school, some in jeans and Blundstone boots, others wearing traditional veils and skirts. A cell phone store …


‘Palestinianism’: An ideology and an identity

Palestinianism is a closed system of memes that includes a historical narrative, a cause to which its believers aspire and an idiosyncratic language in which familiar words have special meanings. …


Abu Dhabi wedding a landmark event in Arab world

Rabbi Levi Duchman and Lea Hadad were married this month in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, surrounded by 1,500 guests from around the world — including Emirati royals, …


Adams welcomes federal aid to fight anti-Jew hate crimes

Mayor Eric Adams said Monday he would welcome federal intervention to help fight the city’s wave of anti-Semitic hate crimes. During a roundtable discussion at City Hall …


Tobin: Even lying Times got this right

After more than a century of biased reporting about Israel, contempt for Zionism and Israel, and a lack of interest in reporting about anti-Semitism, readers are right to regard any coverage of …

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LI students among science interns at Bar-Ilan

Twenty-eight US undergraduates are participating in the 11th annual Summer Science Research Internship Program, a joint initiative of Bar-Ilan University and Yeshiva University enabling students to …

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