Jewish Studies programs hate Jews

When Sultan Doughan signed a hateful letter falsely claiming that Israel and Zionism were based on “Jewish Supremacy,” the ugly rhetoric wouldn’t have attracted much attention …


Israel shares blame for rising anti-Semitism

For nearly a decade and a half, there has been an ongoing and grinding effort to draw attention to the gathering storm clouds on Israel’s diplomatic — and strategic — horizon. …


Why Kristof is (still) wrong on Israel and Hamas

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof followed his recent televised exchange with Bill Maher with a column meant to push back on one of the points made by the HBO show …


The growing cost of anti-Israel media bias

For one of the New York Times’ most devoted readers, the front-page spread published on May 28 essentially accusing Israel of murdering Palestinian children was the final straw. Former …


Turning out for Israel

As attacks against Jews and Jewish institutions continued last week, two-to-three thousand people rallied in Cedarhurst Park on Thursday night to condemn the scourge of anti-Semitism …


Boston Globe sad Israel didn’t carpet-bomb Gaza

It’s no secret that Hamas, spawned by the Muslim Brotherhood, wants to eliminate the Jewish State of Israel. In word: That goal is embedded in its Protocols of Zion-invoking founding …


10 things to expect when you (hip-hip hooray!) visit Israel during this post-pandemic summer

Walking around Israel, you wouldn’t know that the coronavirus crisis is still raging in large parts of the world: restaurants are open, weddings are back …

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St. John’s ED opens behavioral health wing

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital in Far Rockaway has announced the opening of its new, state-of-the-art behavioral health wing in its Emergency Department. The behavioral health wing is …


New book eyes The Rav’s philosophical puzzle

Modern Orthodox Jews know a few things about The Rav, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, ztz”l: He was heir to the Brisker dynasty of Talmud Study; he studied neo-Kantian …


Shulamith celebrates Israel’s 73rd

At the Shulamith School for Girls Middle School, students “visited” Israel on Yom Haatzmaut. A little rain didn’t stop the celebration which included a daglanut and a festival …

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Cultural Judaism with no Torah isn’t working

The Pew Research Center’s report on “Jewish Americans in 2020,” which was released in mid-May, tells one consistent story: The younger the generation, the less likely its …


After slapping Israel, Menendez reaffirms support

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Robert Menendez (D-NJ) said on Thursday that the relationship between the United States and Israel is more important than any one person. …


Summer’s here. Great grilled burgers are back!

T he Great American Burger is a treat whose history goes back to a rather unpleasant individual who created this type of meat in a rather unpleasant way. It seems that Genghis Khan and his …

health mind and body

‘Night of Heroes’ at St. John's Episcopal Hospital

A “Night of Heros” at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital celebrated the hard work and resilience of the hospital’s dedicated Team Members during the COVID-19 pandemic. The names …


Yang visits Far Rockaway yeshivahs

Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang met with students and leaders at two Far Rockaway yeshivas last week. At the Torah Academy for Girls, Dean Rabbi Meyer Weitman invited Yang to address students about …


Counting the omer at HANC ECC

The children at HANC ECC West Hempstead are looking forward to Matan Torah on Shavuot.  They are counting the Omer daily in school on their Sfira charts.

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