Thane Rosenbaum
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H amas chopped the heads off 40 Jewish babies, burned families alive, gang raped teenage girls, and decapitated an elderly man. Oh, and they kidnapped a six-month-old baby, young children, and female … more
Take out your calculators. While you’re at it, a set of blinders, too. Israel’s imminent Gaza campaign is going to get ugly. The moral and mathematical problem has already been revealed. … more
The Academy Awards is soon upon us. One film that will not be walking away with a large Oscar haul is Damien Chazelle’s “Babylon.” (It is nominated for three awards, none in major … more
Should I start with the good news? Okay. If you are a secular Jew who does not wear religious symbols, skullcaps and attire, isn’t walking toward a synagogue or waving an Israeli flag and … more
Of all the wasted breaths these past few weeks devoted to Kyrie Irving’s tirade against the Jewish people, the one item that has not been mentioned, but that may be the most important … more
In May 2015, the PEN Literary Gala presented its Freedom of Expression Courage Award to the slain cartoonists of the French satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo.” Earlier that year, two … more
It has been nothing but nonstop bedlam in America. Look around. Chaos is everywhere, along with declining public confidence in just about everything. We have a surreal southern border crisis … more