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The Gaza Strip is a complex piece of land that has been at the center of disputes in the Land of Israel dating back thousands of years. Roots of the conflict that’s engulfing the roughly … more
Considered by many the most influential secular Jewish poem of the twentieth century, “B’ir Haharegah (In the City of Slaughter).” was published in 1904 in the aftermath of the … more
This is an excerpt from a column originally published in May 2022. In recent days, two voices from Ukraine have been calling out to me. Chaim Nachman Bialik had been a student … more
This is the text of President Biden’s televised address on Tuesday afternoon. There are moments in this life — and I mean this lierally — when pure unadulterated evil is … more
This is the text of President Isaac Herzog’s address on Tuesday. A s president of the State of Israel, I speak to you now from our capital city Jerusalem under the dark shadow of war, as … more
The Oslo Accords, now 30 years old, began with great hopes but swiftly descended into a bloody stalemate of Palestinian terror, Israeli overtures for peace and more Palestinian terror. If one … more
Over three millennia ago, our great leader Moses addressed the people of Israel as they were about to enter the Promised Land. He said they would find there two mountains facing one another: Mount … more
In his testimony before the Agranat Commission that investigated the Yom Kippur War, Col. Gabi Amir described the fateful and difficult hours of the fighting in the Sinai Peninsula as follows: … more
There is an axiom in journalism that you never know when you’re going to do the one thing for which you will be remembered above all others. Few lives exemplify that lesson better than that of … more
In mid-July, 22 years after the deadly terrorist a ttack at a popular Sbarro pizzeria in Jerusalem, American Jewish Committee’s recently-appointed CEO Ted Deutch sent a letter to US Attorney … more
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