Feeding a yogurt addiction


Business Berrylicious opens in Lawrence

By Jewish Star Staff

Issue of January 1 2010/ 15 Tevet
“The women in this town go crazy for frozen yogurt,” said Zoli Honig. “It’s like an addiction.”

That simple observation is the rationale behind Berrylicious, the new shop Zoli, his mother Beth Honig, and her friend Batsheva Katz have opened on Burnside Avenue in Lawrence, next door to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Berrylicious quietly opened for business about three weeks ago. It offers six flavors of frozen yogurt and 16 fresh fruit and dry toppings under the supervision of the Vaad HaKashrus of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway.

So far, so good.

“It’s been steady. It’s been pretty good. I’d say most of our business has been repeat business. Once people get in the door they keep coming back for more because they love it,” Honig said.

It may be cold outside, but that doesn’t keep customers from coming in for a fat-free treat — one with just 100 calories per serving.

“It’s a small luxury item that people enjoy throughout the year,” Honig observed. “It’s a hard time. You might cut back on what type of car you get, but people are not cutting back on things that make them feel good.”

Honig, 21, is an economics major at Queens College. All three partners in the business live in Lawrence. While they work close to home they want their customers to be comfortable too.

“The store really speaks for itself,” Zoli said. “It’s very bright and inviting, and clean. It’s a great place where people are going to want to hang out. We’ve got Wi-Fi, we’ve got outlets built into the bench so you can come with your laptop and get some work done. That was something I wanted — you go to stores and they never have outlets.”

Clean, outlets, and a 15-car parking lot, too.

This isn’t the Honigs’ first business on Burnside Avenue. Zoli’s father, Yehuda Honig, owns Lawrence Supply, further down the street near Inwood.