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In his preface to a new sourcebook on the biblical origins of the American republic, Proclaim Liberty (Toby Press, 2019), its editor, Rabbi Dr. Meir Y. Soloveichik informs us of the … more
This past Tuesday, we experienced the passing of one of our community’s leaders, Velvel Pasternak z”l. Velvel was among the founders of the Stiebel of Cedarhurst, the Young Israel of … more
Of the three major festivals on the Jewish religious calendar, Shavuot is the shortest, with a one-day observance in Israel and two days in the Diaspora. However, when we consider that this … more
On Shavuot, we commemorate the pact of spiritual loyalty that G-d and the Jewish people pledged to each other at Mount Sinai. Yet a plain reading of the biblical text shows us that not long after the … more
In his essay “Megillat Ruth and the Story of Yehuda and Tamar: A Study in Biblical Contrast,” Rabbi Alex Israel of the Pardes Institute quotes the following the following from Ruth Rabba … more
In his highly spiritual introduction to this commentary on the weekly Torah parsha, the author, Rabbi Pesach Siegel informs us of the following: “The name of this sefer, ‘Sparks of … more
Not a day goes by when the State of Israel does not draw some attention somewhere in the world. This has become the norm. Yet not so long ago, mentions of our holy land were restricted to a few … more
This year’s spring edition of Ohr HaTzafon, by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz of North Woodmere, features a lucid translation and commentary on the Haggadah that is dedicated to the memories and … more
Recently a fascinating book of essays was brought to my attention, titled The Observant Jew, by Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz. In this volume there is an essay titled “Pesach: Being … more
Rabbi Yaakov Bender is perhaps one of the premier Jewish educators in our community today, both here on Long Island and nationwide. Thus, the publication of his take on the Pesach Haggadah, The … more
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