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Believe it or not, summer has arrived, and with it, the staples of the season. This year will be one to remember — if not for the excitement and many activities, at least for quality time … more
I heard him speak years ago, and I was taken by his easy smile, tales of his lively family, love of Israeli cuisine, and how he wove those three pieces together into a fascinating presentation. When … more
When I was growing up, I knew brisket as an island of meat in a sea of sweet brownish-red sauce with carrot-plank buoys. Every holiday, this was plunked in the center of the table alongside a loaf of … more
American Jewish food is most typically defined as pastrami sandwiches, chocolate babka, or bagels and lox. But I am here to argue that the greatest American Jewish food may actually be the humble hot … more
Remember when one-ingredient banana ice cream broke the internet? If not, let me refresh your memory. A while back a “recipe” (if you can call anything with one ingredient a recipe) … more
It was a standing-room only event last year, an amazing turnout. Young and old, locals and tourists, poured into the venue as part of my travels “back home” to the Shetlands. They came to … more
Don’t you dare call them Jewish sticky buns. This rolled pastry laced with sugar, raisins, and ground nuts — named schnecken for its spiral shape (schnecken is German for … more
Israeli couscous, known in Israel as ptitim, which means “flakes” in Hebrew, is a pearl-shaped, pasta-like product with a delicious toasted wheat flavor. It was invented in Israel’s … more
A quick search for “Instant Pot recipes” will yield hundreds of ideas for savory dishes — everything from chilis, pasta, soups, casseroles, and more. But did you know that you can … more
We’re masked, gloved and social distancing. I’ve exhausted all programs I want to see on Netflix. I’ve filled garbage bags with clothes that are too small, packed up old books and … more
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