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After a year-and-a-half of hunkering down, we are free at last—at least, for the most part—and this Fourth of July will be one to remember. Many of us tend to forget the origin of … more
Star Trek had its replicator. Now Israel has Robot Chef, a standalone unit that creates food items on the spot, to the diner’s specifications. It won’t be as quick as when Jean-Luc … more
T he Great American Burger is a treat whose history goes back to a rather unpleasant individual who created this type of meat in a rather unpleasant way. It seems that Genghis Khan and his … more
Besides being best known as the holiday which celebrates the Torah and the Ten Commandments, Shavuot is also an agricultural holiday in Israel, marking the final grain … more
I am not one to fly in the face of Jewish tradition, but Shavuot is one holiday where I confess to compromising on a minhag. I know, I know — we’re supposed to eat dairy foods on this … more
Historically, Shavuot — which begins this year on Sunday night, May 16 — is the celebration of the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses at Mount Sinai more than 3,300 years ago. It … more
As some of you may have intuitively observed based on my previous write-ups, I am a huge Israeli wine fan. At this point in my wine tasting journey, I felt it was time to try also wines from … more
Jewish identity is invariably related to food, as witnessed through Jewish dietary laws, holiday traditions and consciousness. Retaining this identity is a matter of pride for many, and in our … more
Lag B’Omer will be especially joyful this year as many of us, feeling a modicum of protection afforded by the vaccines, will finally be together, at least in smaller safe gatherings. For … more
To make it into your fancy cup, specialty coffee undergoes a long, arduous and often continent-crossing journey during which the beans must be maintained at just the right levels of humidity and look … more
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