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Attacks on the Jewish state and the people committed to it are hardly new. However, a series of rants at School District of Philadelphia (SDP) public meetings present a new twist on an old illness. … more
Rep. Ritchie Torres received a rock start’s reception at the SAR HS commencement on Monday night. Torres, the pro-Israel Progressive Democrat whose district includes SAR’s Riverdale … more
Hezbollah is burning a swathe through northern Israel. The nature reserves, grazing land, fields and orchards are burning to the ground. Military bases, including several strategic assets, are … more
B ack in February, UN Secretary-General António Guterres delivered a speech at the Ohel Jakob synagogue in Munich in which he struck most of the right notes. Guterres acknowledged what … more
If you were wondering whether Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — AOC — was just a publicity-hungry leftist provocateur or a serious politician determined to do everything to advance her … more
Is it time for the Jews of Britain, Europe and America to leave? This question is increasingly being asked by Diaspora Jews reeling from the volcano of antisemitism that erupted with the … more
In “The Making of a Halachic Decision,” Rabbi Moshe Walter leads us through the route that has been traversed through the ages by our great halachic decisors. Using a simple … more
It is a conversation I will remember forever. We were in the midst of basic tank training, enjoying a brief respite from the grueling pace of maneuvers and marches. The tanks were encamped opposite a … more
The beginning of our parasha, Beha’alotcha, discusses the kohane’s daily mitzvah to light the Menorah. The Torah then describes the construction of the Menorah: “This was the form … more
O ne of the disturbing episodes in Beha’alotcha, this week’s parsha, concerns the people who are complaining about the manna, bemoaning a lack of meat as they remember the fish, fruits … more
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