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Angry mobs of activists are roaming American streets pulling down or defacing statues of historical figures. In some cases, governments and private institutions are joining their efforts by … more
In one corner, you have the features of universal liberty: freedom of conscience, a free press, the right to own property, the right to elect political representatives, the right to move freely, … more
As I speak with well-intentioned and informed supporters of Israel, I often hear of their difficulty in envisioning how Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria would work on a practical level. … more
The experiencexq of being an immigrant group and living as a minority in an often hostile culture is, of course, one that Diaspora Jews know only too well. There are obviously huge … more
Over the past week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has changed his mind countless times regarding how and when he will implement Israel’s sovereignty plan in Judea and Samaria in … more
Korach was swallowed up by the ground, but his spirit is still alive and well, and in the unlikeliest of places — British and American universities. Korach was the embodiment of what the … more
In Israel, even a bus ride can become an existential experience. On a long, crowded bus ride from Haifa to Jerusalem, a fellow in a long black coat and black hat was sitting towards the rear of … more
Conflict resolution is one of the most important tasks in human relations. Open up any newspaper and you will read of schoolchildren bullying each other, of married couples who are in bitter … more
Parasha Korach begins with the 16th chapter of Sefer Bamidbar that tells the story of Korach, his wayward Levitical followers, and their rebellion against Hashem and His Torah, Moshe and … more
Writer David Soloway accurately described it as “a betrayal from within. … The rebellion of Korach, Dathan and Abiram against Moses and … more
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