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These five words encapsulate the methods and approach of the Palestinian solidarity movement in Western countries: “Sanction.” “Boycott.” “Cancel.” … more
Under different circumstances, it might have been the stuff of a modern fairy tale with two principal characters. The story of a Jewish Holocaust survivor living in a Paris housing project — a … more
There were more than 2,000 reported anti-Semitic incidents in Germany in 2020 and just under 2,000 the previous year. That’s around five or six incidents, some of them involving violence or … more
Could a politician who positively identifies as Jewish and expresses pro-Israel sympathies ever be elected as head of state in a European country? The question is still a hypothetical one. In … more
Paul is an Australian Jewish man in his late 40s who lives in the city of Brisbane, in the state of Queensland. Paul (the name he has been given by local media to protect his identity) was … more
Any notion that the worst days of Islamist terrorism are behind us was brutally shattered at Kabul Airport last week when twin bombs ripped indiscriminately through Afghan civilians and US and … more
As Taliban insurgents swept through Afghanistan on their brutal quest to return that country to the 7th century, ceremonies were held in neighboring Pakistan to commemorate the 6th anniversary of … more
Is it possible for a country to be the locus of widespread antipathy towards Jews while simultaneously maintaining relatively low levels of anti-Semitic hate crime? A newly published report by … more
The anti-Zionist activist Roger Waters, who also doubles up as the bassist of veteran rockers Pink Floyd, gave a ringing endorsement last week to one of the candidates in the Chilean presidential … more
Poland is awash in anti-Semitism, and it is the government in Warsaw that is setting the hateful tone amid the worst breakdown in Polish-Jewish relations since the fall of communism more than 30 … more
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