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Predictably, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech to last week’s World Holocaust Forum in Jerusalem raised hackles among the responsible guardians of Holocaust memory. The … more
Once again, talk of regime change is in the air inside Iran. Not since the crushing of the 2009 student-led protests has the Islamic Republic, as of this year entering its fifth decade, looked so … more
It is progress of sorts. This week, one of the leading magazines of the American left published an article that took the phenomenon of anti-Semitism seriously. I call it progress because for a … more
Several years ago, in an article for Commentary magazine, I offered a distinction between two kinds of anti-Semitic mindsets. I named the first one “bierkeller” anti-Semitism and the … more
History will not be kind to Jeremy Corbyn, the vanquished and soon-to-be former leader of the opposition British Labour Party. Having been trounced by British Prime Minister Boris … more
One of the criticisms leveled at the numerous Holocaust memorials dotted around Europe is their alleged tendency to, as an American Jewish leader memorably put it to me, “encourage … more
Writing in this column back in July, I said that if Argentina was going to execute its just-announced campaign to counter the influence of Iran and its Lebanese terrorist proxy, Hezbollah, in … more
Here’s what Jewish citizens of various European countries said during a survey earlier this year on Jewish perceptions of anti-Semitism in a survey conducted by the European … more
Poland’s government won an important victory on the battleground of history last week. It succeeded in persuading Netflix to amend a newly released World War II-based documentary that … more
It is a story that strikes a chord with anyone familiar with the struggle for civil rights in the American South. Jwnaid Murad, a businessman in Iraqi Kurdistan, has decided that he will no longer … more
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