gaza war: cedarhurst rally

Rabbi Yaakov Trump: A moment of moral clarity [Video]

Am Yisrael chai! Thousands rally in 5 Towns to support the Jewish state

Rabbi Yaakov Trump of the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst at support-Israel rally in Cedharhurst on Oct. 15, 2023.
Ed Weintrob, The Jewish Star

We weren’t struck by a bolt of moral clarity when Hamas terrorists murdered and pillaged in Israeli communities near the Gaza border on Oct. 7, “because for the last 23 years, we’ve suffered with terror, day in and day out,” Rabbi Ya’akov Trump of the Young Island of Lawrence-Cedarhurst told thousands gathered in Cedarhurst’s Andrew J. Parise Park on Sunday to demonstrate unity and support for Israel.

For the rest of the world, however, the bloody terror appears to have been a revelation, he said.

Here’s Rabbi Trump’s message, recorded by The Jewish Star:

We understand the battle over there is not a battle between Israel and Hamas, between Jew and Arab; it is between good and evil.

We’ve heard over the last 10 years stories — which everybody else ignores — stories of women killed in front of their children; 13-year-old girls murdered in their bed at night; young teenagers raped and decapitated as they go to the Jerusalem zoo; families decimated as they sit down to their Friday night meals. And yet, the world ignores it. There are “two sides.”

In our synagogue, we put up a sign just before Yom Kippur two weeks ago. This is a sign [pictured at right in accompanying photo]that was made by OneFamily, an organization dedicated to the families decimated by terror. There are 1,707 faces and names on this poster of people who have been murdered, civilians who have been killed, families who have been ripped apart in the last 23 years.

And I would like to show you something else. This is a picture put together in the last week [at left of photo]. It is already outdated — with over 1,300 faces on it in one day, in one day!

This is a moment of moral clarity. When we realize that maybe finally the world will wake up and understand that what we’ve been dealing with for the last 23 years, just happened in one day.

And it is therefore incumbent upon us, it is incumbent upon anybody who calls themselves a human, incumbent on any free nation on earth, to eradicate the scourge of the soul of humanity called Hamas and all that stand with it — and that includes those who stood in Times Square last week, while the bodies were still burning, saying “one Jew one bullet,” people who had signs saying “at all costs” — because if you support terror, then you are with them.

[In the next war,] the script will flip. As videos of those who are incarcerated in Gaza City because Hamas will not let them out filter into the media, they will try to force our governments to create a ceasefire.

If a ceasefire is declared, it will be an immediate victory to Hamas. They will claim the victory in this war and it will be a victory because they will rebuild until the next massacre.

We cannot let that happen. We cannot let it let Hamas win.

We will never allow such evil to prevail in our world. We will get rid of Hamas at all cost no matter how long it takes.

And everybody here, every single person, has the responsibility of getting that message out. We will not stand by for evil.