After 200 days, may we merit to sing a ‘New Song’


As many of us are concluding our second seders late on Tuesday night, we will be remembering yetziyat Mitzrayim; we are, of course, commanded to do so. But we will also have in mind the 200th day of the war launched by Hamas on Oct. 7, and the 200th day of captivity for our brothers and sisters; we may not forget — and we must remind the world -— of the evil made apparent that day.

Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi David Lau authored a “Prayer for Return of the Captives” (translated below; click here for Hebrew) to be recited before “V’hi She’amda” (when we recount how Hashem rescues us in every generation from those who seek to annihilate us).

May it be the will of our Father in Heaven

Who brought His people Israel out from

     the suffering of Egypt

That He bless and save our abducted brothers and

     sisters, the hostages who are bound with chains.

May He strengthen their souls and faith,

Protect them from all harm and sickness,

Have mercy on His sons and daughters awaiting

     His salvation, and nullify all cruel decrees.


In His great kindness, may He hasten their redemption

and speedily take them from darkness to light,

from the pit of captivity to eternal freedom,

and return them in peace to their families and homes.


Please plant brotherhood, peace and friendship

     in the hearts of all,

Remove envy and baseless hatred

and spread over us the Sukkah of Your peace,

And may we merit to sing before You a “New Song.”