Letters to the Editor


Headline hairlines

To the Editor:
Since David Nesenoff took over the Jewish Star I have noticed the following: featured on the front page were David Nesenoff, Ari Fleisher, Joel Lion and baby Avraham Natanel Libin. What is the connection? They are all bald! As a man with thinning hair, I thank you for your choice of cover stories.
Yitzchak Moskowitz

Republicans Anon

To the editor: 
[RE Liberals anonymous, Feb. 18] “Hi, my name is Heshy.  I’m a Republiholic.  For years now, I’ve thought being Republican is synonomous with being Orthodox.  I thought supporting Republicans, who outdid each other to make the most right-wing political statements on Israel, was the only thing that mattered for Orthodox Jews, whether their rhetoric provided any real benefit for Israelis or not.  While doing so, I helped turn Israel into a partisan issue in America by claiming, falsely, that the Democratic Party was not pro-Israel.
In the American Orthodox world, being politically right-wing is often confused with being Jewish.  Being pro-Israel is not enough; we have to be substantially to the right of Israel, because right is right and anything else requires brainpower. 
 Someone, please, help me.”
Michael Brenner