Letters to the Editor 6-4-10

Issue of June 4 2010 / 22 Sivan 5770

If only ...

To the Editor, In an interview on The Electronic Intifadeh found on Israeli Occupation Archives, Hezbollah spy Ameer Makhool, recently arrested by Israel, is quoted as having said, “Above all the most colonial and racist law in Israel is the law of return and law of citizenship which is the basis for all discrimination.” Halevai! If ONLY full citizenship and legislative representation in the Jewish State were reserved for Jews. But as it is, if I may paraphrase a great American patriot following the Memorial Day weekend, “If this be racism and discrimination, then, by G-d, let us make the most of it!” For a strong Israel, I am. Ariel Weisz Far Rockaway

Immodesty on parade

To the Editor, After reading your piece about “Missing on Fifth Avenue” (Editorial, May 28, 2010) my antennae went up in several directions. I agree with the point that, “It’s about sending a message to the world...and to our children.” So much so that I did take my two boys (attending an area yeshiva) to the parade last year, intending to teach them many lessons about recognizing and accepting all Jews, supporting and displaying love for our State and, of course, its religious significance. Unfortunately, they were shocked by the raucous and sometimes immodest behavior displayed by youthful spectators around them. By taking my children to Israel this past January for my son’s bar mitzvah, and foregoing a showy party here in NY, I showed my children the love and care we have for the people, state and religion. My son spontaneously decided to give away more than 25 percent of his earnings to Lev L’Achim. Support and Ahavas Eretz Yisrael (love for the land) can ‘parade itself’ in many forms. Elissa Garrel Cedarhurst

Hey, it’s Freddy Sez