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It turns out the New York Times has lower standards when it comes to those who spread anti-Semitic canards than even Britain’s Labour Party. Tweeting an anti-Semitic blood libel about … more
Angry mobs of activists are roaming American streets pulling down or defacing statues of historical figures. In some cases, governments and private institutions are joining their efforts by … more
Former Vice President Joe Biden apologizes. President Donald Trump doesn’t ever apologize. While both said things that can easily be construed as offensive, the thinking behind their talk about … more
Palestinian Arabs continue to learn the wrong history lesson. On May 15, as they do every year, they relived the sorrow of 1948, reminding themselves of all the terrible things that happened to … more
For many years, supporters of Israel have feared the impact of media bias. Ever since the first Lebanon War in 1982 — the historical turning point when the media’s embrace of a false … more
Just how far can Israel go to assert its rights over disputed territory without doing genuine harm to its vital interests? That’s a debate that has divided Israelis since June 1967 … more
In today’s woke and hyperpartisan world, nobody escapes the watchful eye of the thought police. Not even a pop superstar like Taylor Swift. The 30-year-old singer has sold tens of … more
What scholars like to call counterfactual history is science fiction for those who prefer to ponder the implications of things turning out differently in the past rather than speculating on the … more
What is our duty to those confined in places where the coronavirus crisis is a threat? Efforts to protect residents of facilities that serve the elderly have gained a great deal of attention. Yet … more
As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe with frightening speed, pushback against the notion that shutting down our regular lives and the economy is worth the cost … more
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