Ethel Hofman
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Every year, it’s the same standard setup: brunch for Mother’s Day and a barbecue for Father’s Day. But why fight the Sunday-morning breakfast crowd? And why sweat on a hot June day, … more
Shavuot, which begins at sundown on Tuesday, June 11, is rooted (like Pesach) in the agricultural season (originally, the beginning of the wheat harvest). Before the fall of the Temple, … more
Lag B’Omer (which falls this year on Sunday, May 26) has been extra special for me — I was married on that day, and my wedding anniversaries were always celebrated with a backyard family … more
It’s the American Jewish classic that goes way beyond Sunday-morning breakfasts with the whole mishpacha . Lox and bagels with a schmear of cream cheese has become a universal staple for … more
Purim, which begins at motzei Shabbat on March 23, is rooted in Jewish survival in the Persian Empire, thanks to the bravery and Jewish pride of Mordechai and Esther. … more
Dining at the Milky Way was an experience — kosher food with zip and a dash of ethnicity served up in a cozy atmosphere where family photos and Leah’s paintings lined the walls. It … more
Thick, aromatic and brimming with good taste, soup is the perfect food in cold weather. Each spoonful warms and comforts like nothing else. Besides chicken soup — the panacea for what ails you … more
The majesty of afternoon tea. No need to shell out megabucks in a fancy hotel for this refined pastime. Tea time is one of the simplest ways to entertain. It can be casual or swanky, and the guest … more
It’s tradition! The Jewish holiday of Chanukah means latkes and sufganiyot — lots of them, crisp, hot, and hopefully not too oily — to help celebrate the victory of Judah Maccabee … more
Avocados, plantains, pumpkins, breadfruit, coconut oil … put these foods and flavors on your table! Are there really Jews who live full-time on the Cayman Islands? Why was I surprised … more
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