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The surge of antisemitic incidents on college campuses and on social media is alarming and should be taken seriously, Riverdale Rep. Ritchie Torres said while speaking at the Jerusalem Post … more
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer addressed the Senate about antisemitism last Wednesday. This is a transcript of his prepared remarks, lightly edited for style and length. Today, I come to … more
An Arabic-language copy of Adolf Hitler’s notorious manifesto of antisemitism and militarism was found in a Gaza apartment that Hamas has been using … more
Nearly five years ago, I wrote a piece for this column in which I argued that the term “anti-Zionism” would be better rendered as “antizionism.” My thinking on this … more
The tally of antisemitic incidents in which mobs have called for Israel’s destruction — and even the genocide of Jews on the streets of American cities and on elite college campuses … more
We Support and We Hold Responsible Today, the Government of Israel made one of the most morally and strategically complex and difficult decisions any group of elected officials can confront, … more
In the wake of the Hamas terror attacks on Oct. 7, people searching for historical antecedents sometimes cited Kristallnacht, the “night of broken glass” in Germany on Nov. 9 and 10, … more
A Rotary Club in Brooklyn heard an overview of the Hamas war — and how the organization’s “Four-Way Test” offers a path to peace … more
In 1917, California’s isolationist senator, Hiram W. Johnson, captured the cynicism of politics during wartime. “The first casualty when war comes is truth,” he said, echoing … more
Anyone who knew how Palestinian journalism works probably could have predicted that it would happen. And, yet, like all of the other horrifying details about the Oct. 7 murderous attacks on Israel, … more
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