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Next weekend the holiday of Passover begins. For Jews, it is a celebration of freedom from bondage, the acceptance of God’s law and the beginning of the reign of the nation of Israel. more
We get excited over our sports teams, don’t we? We go to games and scalp tickets to get great seats. We buy hot dogs, peanuts and beer, and spend ridiculous amounts at the stadiums. We wear the jerseys; hang the pennants on our walls, and get custom license plates on to demonstrate our pride. more
A tendency within leadership of some Orthodox communities to sidestep valid issues in an attempt to mask reality, to compel Jews to follow religious law is a source of tension and often causes harm. more
It was May 7, 2004 when Salim Joubran, was given a position on Israel’s Supreme Court.  When he became the first permanent member of the Court from the Israeli Arab community the world should have realized that Israel was in fact, a democracy like none else in its region.  Justice Joubran knew that as well, and he also knew what Israel was, why it was formed and how he managed to rise through its ranks as a Christian and not a Jew.  more
“Jews are very good neighbors; you can’t say any more about them,” John Batchelor maintained, when I had the opportunity to sit with him this week. He was sanguine about his opportunity to speak before the One Israel Fund’s 18th Gala Anniversary Dinner on Wednesday, March 14. more
Boycotts are sensitive issues to Jews, and they are often discussed and carried out in incongruous ways. When we see the BDS (Boycott Divest Sanction) movement gaining steam on college campuses across the United States, we want to lash out, telling them how wrong they are about Israel. more
Disturbing video images from Syria show civilians being used as shields for Syrian troops. They are first seen standing, then seemingly lying dead having served the purpose of the advancing Syrian guards. more
When we hear comments such as, “Mussolini made the trains run on time,” or “Madoff was a prominent philanthropist,” does anyone today take those as actual excuses for bad behavior? As a world, should we slap them on the wrist and say the greater good was served, making the evils inconsequential? more
Did it matter to Floridian voters that Republican candidate Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts governor, may have cut funding for kosher meals in nursing homes? Whether or not it made a difference is less important than the fact that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich felt the Jewish vote was so important that he needed to find some polarizing issue to throw at his opponent more
“Our iron-clad commitment to Israel’s security has meant the closest military cooperation between our two countries in history.” -- President Barack Obama more
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