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This week, when I was teaching a class of continuing education students, we touched on some of the people I have encountered throughout my career. My wife and I owned Kossar’s, a well-known … more
2014 --— “Decisions, decisions,” headlines Judy Joszef’s Who’s in the Kitchen column. “Finding that perfect Purim costume.” 2013 — The Young Israel … more
2010 — One’s “never too old to begin,” trumpets the Star’s cover story about 91-year-old Harold Wohl who, having barely opened up a gemarah seven and a half years earlier, completed learning the entire Shas. more
With all of the uncertainty surrounding Israel, the Middle East and Iran, suggesting the true takeaways from this year’s very well attended policy conference that AIPAC hosted in Washington last week may be difficult. AIPAC had to show its 14,000 guests that it was still relevant and necessary for Israel’s future. more
At a recent meeting with Fatah leaders in Ramallah, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stated what Israel and Israel’s true supporters have been claiming is his position for a very long time: “We don’t accept the Jewish state or the Jewishness of the state.… This is something that we won’t accept.” This is a position taken by Palestinian and Moslem leaders throughout the Middle East since Israel was declared a country in 1948. The news is that it fails to raise eyebrows or concern among the liberal media and those who profess to support Israel while claiming that Israel is the obstacle to peace in the region. more
Even as the New York Times reported on a new survey showing once again that American Jews are disassociating from Judaism at a rapid pace, the Broadway musical “Soul Doctor” (which closes its run this Sunday) was celebrating the life of a man who knew how to reach the unaffiliated and help them find their way back. The performances end with audiences of about 900 people gleefully singing “Am Yisrael Chai” (the nation of Israel lives). more
The horrible events of Sept. 11, 2001, occurred just seven days before the start of the new Jewish year of 5762 and only three days after the penitential season began for Ashkenazim with the first recitation of the penitential prayer service known as S’lichot. more
Those of you who enjoyed the best of variety show television in the 1970s will surely recall Carole Burnett’s famous ear tug as she concluded each show. The signal of affection to her beloved aunt who was part of the viewing audience was accompanied by the melodic “I’m so glad we had this time together.” As I go to print today, I find this tune to be an apropos expression of my sentiments. This will be my last issue as Publisher and Editor of The Jewish Star. more
Anyone following politics in Israel over the past few months, and especially the campaigns for Knesset mandates, saw the true face of Israel’s complicated internal predicament. To those outside of Israel’s daily life, its story is one of existentialism because of an ever-looming threat from seemingly trigger-happy neighbors. more
The very first time I traveled to Israel, everything I did was brand new and exciting. Since then, it’s been exciting, but very few surprises would appear. The City of David was something I could add to my list of fascinating experiences more recently. What I had this past visit were some encounters I could not imagine seeing, experiencing, and, in fact, in one case, maybe never seeing again. more
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