Yom Haatzmaut a joyous event throughout HALB


It was an unforgettable Yom Haatzmaut at HALB, always a highlight and the school year.

Lev Chana took their annual “trip” to Israel, completely transforming the school.

Children made their own passports, boarding a plane and landing at Ben Gurion airport where they went through passport control.

They visited a variety of cities such as Yerushalayim and Eilat, and participated in activities on a kibbutz and an army base.

They finished the school day with a fun chagiga with Gary Wallin and delicious blue and white cookies.

In addition to the Israel-focused learning and activities during the day, Lev Chana and HALB students, faculty and parents joined together after school for a Joey Newcomb concert celebrating Israel’s 75th birthday.

The excitement was palpable as over 1,400 people enjoyed a delicious BBQ and sang and danced together to celebrate Israel.

It was certainly a night to remember.