Values workshop at SHA


Silverstein Hebrew Academy, in partnership with Chabad of Great Neck and Lake Success Chabad, sponsored a community workshop for local parents featuring Columbia University psychologist and mediator Kira Nurieli. The interactive program focused on defining values and how parents can best convey them to their children.

“As Kira so clearly explained, it starts with our own self-reflection and defining what our own values are and understanding how our everyday actions either do or don’t convey those values to our children,” said Shireen Butmann, Head of School at SHA. “At Silverstein Hebrew Academy ... ensuring that we raise individuals who exemplify values is critical to us.”

Chanie Geinsky, SHA Associate Head of School, noted, “Teaching values is so very much a part of what we are dedicated to at Silverstein. Teaching with an open mind and an open heart truly means teaching not only academics and our Judaic traditions, but the values we hold dear as parents and educators.”

Parents participated in an open discussion, while Kira offered helpful techniques to assist parents in defining and discussing values with their significant other and their children. The workshop also focused on family dynamics.

Kira’s work centers around working with groups to create innovative solutions to corporate, community, family, and school challenges. Silverstein Hebrew Academy, Chabad of Great Neck and Lake Success Chabad acknowledge the graciousness and hospitality of Natalie and Uri Pinchasov for hosting the workshop in their home.