HANC: Why be thankful?


Students at the Samuel and Elizabeth Bass Golding Elementary School of the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, in West Hempstead, have been focusing on gratitude. 

Each class had a discussion about thanking Hashem. In the course of their conversations in class, the children composed a profound list of elements of their lives that come from Hashem.

Their list included: the world, family, friends, Torah, air we breathe, food and water, teachers, books, our school, pets and, of course, their toys.

As a culminating activity, each student and staff member received a green balloon that said “Todah” on it. The entire school went outside, thought about all that they are grateful for, and then released hundreds of balloons up to Hashem.

Following the release of the balloons, HANC’s illustrious music teacher, Rabbi Mordechai Shapiro, lead the entire school in song, and the children and teachers danced together in celebration.

Despite the cold weather and strong winds, to see the young kindergarten students dancing with sixth graders, and teachers dancing with students, was truly an inspiring celebration.