Bamba KOs US invasion


Bamba lovers, some bad news: Nestle apparently is not planning to more widely distribute the Israeli snack in the U.S. — at least for now.

The Israeli news site CTech had reported that Osem, Bamba’s manufacturer, was negotiating with the food giant over the puffed peanut nosh that is wildly popular in Israel.

“Osem will continue to work diligently on marketing Bamba in North America through its U.S. subsidiary Osem USA,” Nestle spokeswoman Caroline Bietry told the JTA in an email. “Osem is not negotiating with Nestle over Bamba’s distribution.”

While Nestle would have provided wider distribution, Bamba is still available in a range of major stores, including Trader Joe’s and Target, as well as on Amazon. 

Some fans point to a study suggesting that feeding Bamba to kids from an early age may prevent peanut allergies.