View from beyond the Tribe

The distressing reality on campus is our fault


It turns out that some of our smartest college kids aren’t just stupid about things like microaggressions and gender pronouns.

The reaction on many campuses to the slaughter of innocent Israelis by Hamas terrorists showed that many students are just as a stupid about Israel and the rest of the world.

It was shocking and sad to see American college students marching around, openly rooting for Palestine and celebrating Hamas’ “victory” over Israel, proving how deeply and dangerously our country’s higher education system has been poisoned by the ideology of people who hate us and our values.

At Harvard, more than 30 student groups said publicly that “the only one to blame” for the massacre of 1,200 Israeli men, women and children was “the apartheid regime” of Israel — not the Hamas savages who raped and killed women and shot, burned and decapitated babies.

At other supposedly elite schools like Stanford, students were painting pro-Palestine signs on buildings and posting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” on Instagram.

The political and moral ignorance of our pro-Hamas students is really not that surprising. It is the product of decades of indoctrination by leftwing college professors and administrators who hate America, hate Jews and equate the state of Israel with Nazi Germany.

It’s why many students believe that a terrorist deliberately killing an Israeli child with a gun is morally the same as a Palestinian child dying because an Israeli jet dropped a bomb on a Hamas rocket depot in Gaza.

Our morally deranged class of college students is our own fault.

• • •

We are the only country that allows its enemies to move here, live here and plant their own flag here.

Unfortunately, after 50 years, our niceness and generosity has resulted in our ideological enemies being able to infiltrate our education systems and poison many of our youths against us.

We need to wake up and fix that — and the weeks since Oct. 7 have been a pretty loud and painful wakeup call for all Americans.

It was especially infuriating to watch members of the Squad — Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and their America-hating sisters — refuse to immediately condemn Hamas for murdering women and beheading children.

At this point, if I were in Congress, I wouldn’t sit next to a member of the Squad for fear they’d be wearing an explosive belt and would be willing to explode it.

Those are strong words, but I bet millions of Americans think the same thing but are afraid to say it.

In contrast to the Squad’s moral failure, President Biden deserves high praise for the strong speeches he read to the country in defense of Israel and his promises of full American support.

But what still bothers me is my fear that a wave of terrorism is coming soon to the USA and Biden and no one else is doing anything to alleviate my fear. He and his administration of weak crazies have left our Southern border wide-open for three years.

No one knows how many “sleeper” terrorists have simply walked into our country, which, in case you haven’t noticed, has been swamped by millions of young males from a hundred countries who don’t all subscribe to America’s founding ideals of freedom and equality.

Meanwhile, while our border remains a disaster and we’re being pulled into having to support another war, the GOP is in disarray. The Republican Party is so bad that despite Biden’s deteriorating brainpower and his foreign policy blunders, he is starting to look like a leader.

The whole world is going nuts. America’s got some big decisions to make at home and overseas. And it’s only 12 months to the 2024 elections.

Michael Reagan, son of President Reagan, is president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation.