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Stop the insanity! LIers rally against UN, France


After last month’s United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334, and in anticipation of a new anti-Israel assult at this week’s “peace” conference in Paris involving 70 countries and international organizations, Israel’s friends were called to action, staging two demonstrations in Midtown Manhattan.

On Wednesday, students from Midreshet Shalhevet and Rambam Mesivta high schools, two Five Towns institutions with long traditions of pro-Israel advocacy, massed in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza outside the U.N.

The next day, several hundred protesters from throughout the tri-state area, including many Long Islanders, congregated on Second Avenue across from the French mission to the U.N. to demand the the U.N. “target Islamic terror, not Israel.”

“By showing up here today we are sending a message to the world that we will not be silent as the U.N. and member countries continue to spread lies against Israel,” said Avi Posnick of StandWithUs. Posnick is a graduate of Rambam Mesivta.

“Four weeks before his departure from the White House, [President] Obama has intentionally and maliciously chosen to ignore the ever-present, always imminent and daily dangers facing Israelis by imposing a new threat to Israel,” said Lauri Regan of EMET (the Endowment for Middle East Truth).

“What part of ‘from the river to the sea,’ ‘free free Palestine,’ ‘long live the intifada,’ and ‘go back to the ovens’ do Obama, [U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha] Power and [Secretary of State John] Kerry not understand?”

Reiterating the Jewish link to Jerusalem, Regan quoted Eli Wiesel as calling it “much more than a city, it is what binds one Jew to another. When a Jew visits Jerusalem for the first time it is not the first time, it is a homecoming.”

“And what do Arabs do when they enter Jerusalem,” Regan continued. “They drive cars and trucks into Jews, they carry knives looking to stab Jews, and they singularly focus on denying Jews the right to live anywhere in Israel and pray at our holy sites.”

“How many more lives need to be taken before the world learns and unites around one clear message — terrorism against Israel is always wrong and must always be opposed,” said Rabbi Mark Wildes of the Manhattan Jewish Experience. “There are no legitimate reasons to target and kill civilians and soliders on leave. Resolutions condemning settlements are just a distraction.”

“The truth is that the U.N. has been and always will be an anti-Semitic institution that the U.S. should defund and from which the U.S. should disassociate,” Regan said. “The truth is that the Palestinian people have absolutely no interest in the peaceful solution to the conflict leading to a two-state solution.

“Golda Meir spoke the truth when she stated that peace will come when the Arabs love their children more than they hate us. But the most important truth is that Israel, with the support of all of us standing here today and a new [American] government ready to repair the damage inflicted over the past eight years, will survive, continue to flouish and forever remain the homeland of G-d’s chosen people.”