kosher kitchen

Some Challah Hints


•Always use fresh active yeast

•Make sure the liquid you use is between 99 and 110 degrees. If the water is too cold, the yeast will be sluggish and will not fully rise. If it is too hot, the yeast will die.

•Be patient and let the dough rise the full amount of time.

•Knead enthusiastically using the heel of your hand to push the dough far out in front of you and then bring it back. Turn the dough as you do this.

•A bread machine can do a lot of the work for you!! I love my bread machine and make only pareve breads in it so every Friday, I prep my challah in the morning and then just have to shape it for the second rise. The machine does all the kneading and the first rise.

•Make sure your challah is cooked to 190 degrees internally. I have a very thing instant read thermometer that I uses strictly for bread. Baking times depend on the size of the challot you are making. Judge accordingly and use a thermometer. 190 degrees is the perfect temperature. 

•Let the challah cool somewhat before eating it, no matter how tempting. The steam from the inside can cause a pretty bad burn.