SKA cheers Yom Ha’atzmaut


Blue and white were the colors of choice at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls in Hewlett Bay Park on May 5, Yom Ha’atzmaut.

At a schoolwide Tefillah Chagigit in the morning, Dr. Mila Klahr, a math teacher whose son is in the IDF, spoke of the miracle that is eretz Yisroel and what it means to her to have a son protecting the same places we read about in Tanach.

Another highlight of the day’s program was hearing from Penina Bernstein, Tanach teacher and Israel Awareness Committee adviser, on why she is making aliyah.

The school sponsored a Walk for Israel in support of the Jewish state’s absorption of the Ukrainian Zhitomir Orphanage which has been relocated to Bet Shemesh. Before the walkathon, SKA students had raised over $5,000.