Gaza War

SJP doc means war, and it’s America’s war


Over the weekend, I read one of the most disturbing pieces of journalism I have ever encountered. Via her Substack, the intrepid Eve Barlow — one of the best pro-Israel journalists working today — revealed extensive documentation acquired by Israel War Room. According to Barlow, the Google Drive files in question belong to Carrie Zaremba, a spokesperson for National Students for Justice in Palestine.

SJP, of course, is the vanguard of the genocidal antisemites infesting American college campuses and perhaps the leading hate group in the country, with a membership and influence that far outstrips that of any white nationalist or neo-Nazi organization. But if the documents are genuine and Barlow’s report is accurate — and I have no reason to think they are not — then SJP and its affiliates are a great deal more than that.

Put simply, the documents indicate that SJP and the movement it spearheads are a domestic terrorist network. A network, moreover, that is in only the opening stages of a genocidal campaign that, if not interdicted, could well result in damage to lives and property exponentially greater than it has already caused.

Barlow’s report points, for example, to detailed instructions for “Strategic monkey-wrenching [industrial sabotage]. Disabling vehicles. Breaking windows. Plugging waste discharge pipes. Burning machinery. Smoke bombs. Stink bombs. Slingshots. Burning Billboards. Computer sabotage. Jamming locks. Avoiding arrest. Disposing of evidence. Smashing cameras. Occupying buildings. Barricading.”

Various companies such as General Mills and Chevron are named as targets that “you can BDS.” There is a link to a Wikipedia list of Israeli embassies around the world (“Israel” is written in scare quotes), along with an explicit call for an “International Intifada.” There is copious literature from terror groups like the PFLP and terrorists like Leila Khaled, which implies that stink bombs may be the least of the weapons in question.

• • •

All of this would appear to be more than enough grounds for an FBI investigation, but it is not the worst of it. The documents also detail what can only be called an ideology of global genocide.

Barlow reproduces a document that contains the screaming declarations: “NO MORE ISRAEL. NO MORE USA. NO MORE UK. NO MORE ITALY. NO MORE FRANCE. NO MORE CANADA. NO MORE GERMANY. NO MORE AUSTRALIA.” Why Italy and France made the list while Spain, Lichtenstein and Greece did not must remain a mystery, but if there were any question as to what it all means, another document dispels it.

Despite some vague attempts at obfuscation, the document effectively advocates mass murder. It says of Americans, Britons and Israelis, “That is not to say that these folks won’t be (or shouldn’t be’) killed in the process of decolonization.”

But such slaughter is not enough. The International Intifada’s targets must be killed not just physically but also metaphysically.

Of the US, for example, the document states, “The American as the American must die. If she will not commit suicide, she will need to be killed. … Both subtly and brutally, the messaging was placed inside us that we are American. In a nation built on stolen land, slave labor and genocide, we are a people with an untold and untellable history. The American is a great, and deadly, lie.” A lie, apparently, to be unceremoniously eliminated.

Barlow and Israel War Room appear to have done us a very great service. They have opened the lid and revealed the contents of Pandora’s Box. We guessed at what was in it beforehand, of course, but now we know for certain what we are facing: A genocidal terrorist network that fully intends to murder as many people as it can before immolating itself in world-ending apocalyptic violence. At the very least, that is the network’s demented fantasy and there is no reason to think it will not act on it.

None of us should look away from the obvious implication: This means war. The movement that has infested the universities has no intention of staying there. It will spread; it will escalate; it will kill. It will not just kill Israelis and Jews, though it certainly intends to do that. It will kill anyone it can get its hands on. In the name of “decolonization,” it will ultimately have to face the fact that the entire human race, except for a few tribes in sub-Saharan Africa, are colonizers of one kind or another. So, it will try to kill everyone. The network has declared war on humanity itself.

Of course, short of the vanishingly unlikely scenario of sparking a nuclear war, there is no way that the network can accomplish its fantasies of planetary slaughter. The question is how many innocent people will die in the course of its attempt to do so.

None of this, however, has to happen — if the responsible authorities take decisive action now:

• Banning all organizations involved in the network.

• Opening full FBI and DHS investigations into the organizations and their members.

• Holding Congressional hearings on who is funding, training and directing them.

• Prosecuting implicated parties under the RICO Act, with relevant intelligent services examining their international.

• Establishing a zero-tolerance policy for antisemitism, support for terrorism and politically motivated violence and vandalism at all major American institutions.

• • •

The US government’s track record in effectively combatting such threats is, unfortunately, decidedly mixed. Moreover, many of those involved in the network are already bored deep into major sectors of American life — politics, academia and the activism industry. Powerful forces, out of malice or useful idiocy, will work to prevent effective action against the network. They should hope for their own failure, however. If history is any guide, it is the collaborators and the idiots who will pay the highest price when the bloody mayhem begins.

What is certain is that America did not seek this war. Nonetheless, it has been declared.

If America wants to ensure, at the very least, domestic peace, this is a war it will have to fight. If the responsible authorities act now, the war will be bloodless and of decidedly short duration.