Showing support for Kulanu


Supporters of Kulanu filled the ballroom at the Sands of Atlantic Beach on Saturday night, February 16 for their annual dinner. The evening’s Guests of Honor were Brenda and Stanley Goldstein and Friendship award recipients Raquel Bernstein and Adam Steiglitz.

Jonathan Cooper, Director of Inclusion and Community Service spoke of the strong bond that formed between Raquel and Adam. “ It was a mutual friendship that started at camp. It happened at lunch. He helped her open the doors and cartons of milk. Raquel felt very strongly about Adam’s need to be independent and she encouraged him. Raquel herself was an early participant at Kulanu. Raquel is a real go-getter . A high school senior, she researched schools to attend for college. She has a lot of confidence, and a lot of insight into other’s kids functions. She was able to see what other kids needed. In fact her experience at Kulanu as a shadow changed her career plans. Originally interested in marketing, she has decided to stay in the special education field.”

” Adam Steiglitz is one of the friendliest, and happiest person I know. ‘Everyone’s got an issue,’ is an example of how very well adjusted he is.”

“ We don’t know what tomorrow will bring,” expressed Beth Raskin, Executive Director of Kulanu, discussing Adam. “You’ve got a typically developing child who develops pneumonia. From that moment on things changed. Through unfortunate circumstances Adam became a child with special needs. You never know when you’re going to need us. “

Guests enjoyed a lavish dairy buffet dinner and an elaborate dessert spread. The overwhelming consensus was a shout out to Kulanu dinner committee who seemed to have the perfect template for a dinner, dairy buffet on a Saturday night, program and all in 2 hours!! Mazel Tov to honorees and to KULANU!!